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Cloud Migration Services

What will your cloud computing environment look like when you’ve completed your migration?

Cloud computing experts sometimes refer to the “cloud migration” planning process as developing a technology roadmap between your current state and your desired future state. If you don’t go through this “mapping” process and develop answers to key issues ahead of time, you’ll likely create far more business process disruption than desired, resulting in a far more expensive transition.

A Cloud Migration Checklist,
Are You Prepared?

Like any trip, you need to start by knowing where you’re coming from, what you are bringing with you, and where you are going.  Review our list of the Top 20 items you need to consider for your cloud migration project.  Whether you are moving workloads or migrating to different cloud providers, this list will provide you a set of topics you need to consider.

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Our Top 20 Cloud Migration Check List:

The very first thing on your checklist must be a comprehensive inventory including:

  1. Who are your users and how are they grouped?
  2. What applications are used by which users and groups?
  3. What resources are required by each application to run optimally?
  4. What data assets must be accessed while using those applications?
  5. What is the value of each of those assets?
  6. How are you protecting and securing each data asset currently?
  7. How many users will access each application from a dedicated desktop computer?
  8. How many mobile devices inside and outside the facility?
  9. How many users access each application from a shared, publicly-accessible station?
  10. What kinds of networks are being used to access information? Which are wired? Which are wireless?
  11. Which use public wide area wireless networks such as 4G?
  12. What devices are being used by each user or group? Computers, laptops, smartphones, other?
  13. What are you bringing with you?
  14. Each application must be evaluated to determine whether it will be moved to the cloud as it is, modified before movement, or must be kept on local infrastructure?
  15. Which cloud resource will each application be mapped?
  16. Have you matched various cloud services offering different functionalities to increase cost savings and performance?
  17. Where will each data asset be moved?
  18. What storage capacities will be provisioned to support each?
  19. How will each data asset be protected and secured while in storage at the selected cloud facility, and during transit between there and elsewhere?
  20. What devices will each user be accessing which resources? You’ll need to confirm that each device can be properly secured.